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Anonymous asked:
Do you have the link to the Jennifer Lawrence interview where she asks about whiskey in her tea/coffee?

here you go!

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kessla2312 asked:
do you know when Jen is going to be on GMA next week?

Nope, there’s no official day yet all we know is that it’s sometime next week. :)

Anonymous asked:
Hi, I wasn't sure if you were aware of this, but Jen's part of the TIME100. Voting closes at 11:59PM on April 22nd. I just voted for her and she's got a 40-something yes vote to 50-something no vote ratio. If you could pimp out the poll maybe her votes could go up. Here is the link: time(.)com/55765/time-100-2014-poll-movies-tv/#54, I'm sure you could also google TIME100 as well. Best of luck to Jen!

Yup we’re aware, thanks for the tip! Go vote for her everyone!

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Anonymous asked:
honestly hope you guys learn that you're fucking uncool and you ruin lives.

If JLD has that much of a negative effect on you, it’s probably best that you take a break from the internet. 

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Anonymous asked:
Honestly what you did to Brooke was so unnecessary and rude and what's upsetting is that Jennifer is so against bullying yet you guys think it's funny to hurt people. I'm telling everyone I know to unfollow you, I'm sure no one wants to be associated with people like you. I hope you choke on a fucking dick. (how do you like being mistreated? it's not so great is it. Don't do it to other people.)

First of all, what happened with this girl was an incident that happened last year. I don’t know what has been spread around — but there was only one person involved with that. That person took it upon themselves to, out of spite, do something that I do not condone and dealt with immediately. 

You are more than welcome to tell everyone to unfollow us, you are more than welcome to tell everyone that you want us to “choke on a fucking dick”. It really does not affect me, in the slightest, what you think of JLD.

First of — deep throating really isn’t actually bad, so I’m not sure if that’s meant to be a threat or not? Anyway, there have been multiple incidents in the last year with this girl and some of her friends. They’ve all been dealt with, and members who we believe created the issues removed from the blog.

I have no untoward feelings towards Brooke, her friends or the people involved. I am merely the person who has done her best to alleviate the issues, to the best of my ability. JLD is a fanblog — nothing more. 

If you believe that we have some alternative motive (to like ruin people’s lives / take over the world / start nuclear war) then please unfollow us. 

- Rach

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Anonymous asked:
I saw that more than 50% posts on your blog is reblogged from dailyjlawrence, so I was wondering why do you reblog mostly from this blog?

It’s because their edits are always in the tags! We just reblog from the jlawedit / jennifer lawrence tag, and similar to JLD — they’re always editing and posting.

I love Dailyjlawrence anyway, so I’m chill with their stuff being here.

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Anonymous asked:
and if ask does not arrive for some applicants?

then you weren’t chosen this time, but you can always apply next time we open applications again.

Anonymous asked:
how many people will join the blog?

Three! I’m messaging them now :)

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emmaduerres asked:
Lol oops I think you guys maybe made a mistake :-) you reblogged a pic of Liam Payne!!!!

Yep we accidentally did! We’ll delete it

Anonymous asked:
"Welcome to Jenniferlawrencedaily! Your ultimate tumblr source for everything Jennifer Lawrence" - This tumblr is clearly dedicated to the talented and wonderful Jlaw. Why do you upload pictures of a random 1D member? If it's truly dedicated to Jennifer then you shouldn't upload photos of members from 1D or anything else that isn't Jennifer Lawrence related.

Sorry lol it was a mistake, we’ll delete it.

Edit: Yo, this is Rach. Shit happens dude, deal with it. We are completely aware of what this blog is, and if you can’t deal with the fact that sometimes we accidentally reblog things to JLD — then just go unfollow us. Sending us a snarky message only irritates me, and everyone else. 

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