Anonymous ASKED:
Aw, I really miss Rach! She was so much fun on Twitter too. And she barely uses Tumblr.

I know anon, I do too. Haha I agree, she was hilarious. She posts every now and then, but I think she’s just really busy with uni and all that. It’s hard to keep up with a blog when you’re a student. We’ll let her know she’s missed though! :)

emmwatsones ASKED:
Wow! There is only five of you on the blog now? :o I was apart of this blog when it first started and it seems like everyone who was original members are gone! You all are doing a great job though!

As of now, yes. Four of us have been here on and off, I just recently came back from hiatus. I know Rach and Trine left around the beginning of summer, and I’m not too sure what happened with Hanna. Alex has been stellar taking care of this blog, as has Gabbi (and Marcelo while he was around). We’ve had many people coming and going and making the best of this blog. Thank you for your message. &Thank you to everyone that has ever been part of this blog, your work is always appreciated.

Anonymous ASKED:
Hi, I don't want to start anything, but I feel like posting personal pictures of Jennifer is invading her privacy as much as the nudes are. I'm not her so I can't say for sure but that's just my opinion, I just think it's slightly disrespectful.

Ok sorry but we can’t please everyone. if we didn’t post them people would come at our necks saying we’re a crappy news blog because they haven’t been seen before we haven’t posted them. it’s not disrespectful, they were released along with quotes and an interview with her childhood friends. comparing childhood pictures to people hacking into the cloud and stealing naked pictures is completely ridiculous, it is not the same at all.

Anonymous ASKED:
There pics of Jennifer and chris, one at the iheart concert and several more leaving the next day or something like that.

Yes, there were together backstage at the concert, and the next day they flew on a private jet to LA.

olivewaters ASKED:
Has there been any actual photo's of Jennifer and Chris released? Or is it purely source information? For something that with no physical evidence is still essentially a rumour - is getting a lot of hype!

not that i’m aware of. i know! i agree, i still think it’s a rumour, until jen says something or pics come out i’m not gonna believe it tbh

sevenolecram ASKED:
Where is this from? "post/99723269927"

From a House at the end of the street promo I believe. Just her introducing the trailer or something similar.

Anonymous ASKED:
hey do you guys have a link to this interview /post/99723269927 ?thanks!

here you go :)

Anonymous ASKED:
Will you ever learn to give credit? Seriously, you took the untagged pics and the new serena stills from sites on twitter/tumblr. It's seriously unfair. Search those things for yourself or give credit, really...

listen mate we don’t get our pictures/news/whatever off twitter or tumblr, and if we do find something on tumblr then we’ll reblog it……..simple. we don’t steal anyones pictures so i would appreciate it if you would take your accusations elsewhere¬†

Anonymous ASKED:
When and where are the Mockingjay premieres?

nothing has been confirmed yet but i would assume they’ll be almost the same as the catching fire premieres, so like spread between the 11th and 20th of november and in london, la, madrid, rome etc

Anonymous ASKED:
What happened with all of the members?

many have left due to inactivity