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Anonymous asked:
hey, i have a stupid question: how do you reach so many follower? i have a blog about my fav footballer for two years now and i have only 3500 follower.. do you have an idea? i really admire ur blog!

There is no secret! Jennifer is just a very loved celebrity and I guess it’s just luck :)

Anonymous asked:
that's not Nicholas Hoult in that last gif set thats Tom fucking Ford omg

nicholas is in the top right one but we appreciate your feedback :)

Anonymous asked:
how many follower do you have?:)


Anonymous asked:
what is important four you that you reblog from other people?

Well our blog is called ‘jenniferlawrencedaily’ and we reblog and post pictures of Jennifer Lawrence everyday, the amount of things we post would be a lot less if we didn’t reblog from other people.

Anonymous asked:
Is that Tom Ford with Jen and Nick? God, I hope this is her break up with Dior.

she has more than two years left on her dior contract sorry!

Anonymous asked:
love the blog :)

Thank you :)

Anonymous asked:
I didn't know Jen was a smoker! Is it a regular thing or...?

We know as much about it as you do!

yepmorgan asked:
Jennifer ranked number 37 on Yahoo's Top 50 Greatest Actors Alive list. Thought you'd like to know if you didn't already! :)

thank you for letting us know lovely!!!

Anonymous asked:
what is jen smoking?

let me just call and ask her hold on

Anonymous asked:
is that weed or just a normal cigarette?

we have no idea what it is

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