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Do you have a website?

No we don’t have a website. We do have twitter, and you can visit it here.

Does Jennifer have a Twitter or Facebook?

Jennifer does not have a twitter. She has an official website and an official Facebook that aren’t often updated.

Where do you find the new that you post?

We get out news from google, twitter sources and anonymous sources on tumblr.

Can I become a member of JLD?

When we are looking for new members we open up applications, which means that everyone has the opportunity to join us.

When will you be opening applications?

We do not know when we will need new people. Therefore we cannot give you a date or time span.

What psds do you use?

You can find all of our psds here.  We mostly use PSDs we make ourselves but if you like a certain PSD we use, you can ask. We use this psd by ffinicks a lot.

What are your topaz/sharpening settings?

We all have different settings, so ask about a specific edit and the person that made it will tell you.

Which tags do you track?

jlawedit & jldaily

 How many followers do you have?


How do you get so many followers?

We get this question a lot, and there’s really no answer. We just happened to be in the right place at the right time, there was no magic spell. All of us  are very humbled by the support we have received over this last year and we can only thank each and every one of you.

Where do you get your pictures?

Refer to this page.

Where’s your theme from?